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Sizzle Reel

This sizzle reel highlights System1 Agency's creative teams - both global and highly awarded.

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen


We recently launched our first fully Integrated Communications Campaign to support the launch of Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen in the UK and Ireland.


This campaign was made up of TV, Outdoor and Digital - and tested as a 4-Star campaign.



The ESOMAR Foundation


We were privileged enough to be asked to create a digital banner campaign to support and raise awareness of the fantastic work undertaken by The ESOMAR Foundation.

The ESOMAR Foundation is a charity set up to inspire the bright minds from the Global Research community – and the companies they work with - to get involved to make the world a better place. The Foundation uses research insight to better the human condition. To understand the human condition is to better the human condition.

The Campaign Idea

We focused on the Foundation’s partnership with the My Choices Foundation - a charity that aims to prevent domestic violence and sex trafficking in India. Through insightful research with the fathers of trafficked girls, the Foundation has discovered a way to help tackle the trafficking at its source. We wanted to tell this story.

The campaign was supported by a generous media donation from the AOL.

Read Meena's Story here:


Let's Put A Stop To Litter

We created this hard-hitting campaign for Clean Up Britain.

The Litter Kills campaign scored 5-Stars in testing. It is currently running in the Midlands, before being rolled out nationally and into different media.


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