Rod Connors shares three simple steps to help move the advertising industry forward

With the upcoming occasions of Effectiveness Week led by the IPA and The Marketing Society’s Global Annual Conference now is the perfect time to reflect on the state of advertising. While the Advertising industry is one full of dynamic and original thinkers, it’s an industry that has changed little over the past 50 years. Briefing for advertising, presentation of ideas, and research of ideas are all identical in structure from years ago. We get pretty emotional when we say it, but if we are really going to return on our clients’ investments in what we do, the industry has to change! At System1 Agency, behavioral science has given us evidence on how advertising really works based on how consumers make decisions (hint: it’s all System 1). We think that there are three simple changes clients can take to make relationships with agencies, and what they create, more effective –

  1. Change the way that you brief for ideas
  2. Change the way that you validate ideas
  3. Change the way that you judge ideas

Given what we now know to be true about how people choose between brands, these simple changes will help move our industry forwards – and deliver guaranteed profitable brand growth for your marketing spend!

Read more on how to change the advertising model in our own Rod Connors’ Marketing Society Blog Post Time to change the advertising Model

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