Our Guarantee

System1 Agency guarantees our ideas will deliver profitable brand growth.

Our guarantee has been developed through our work with System1 Research – world leaders in measuring emotion and predicting profitable growth.

System1 Research uses a 1-5 Star rating system based on emotional impact to predict the success of an idea. A 1-Star ad will be a poor investment because, no matter how much a company spends, it won’t help the brand to grow.

Coveted 5-Star ideas (the top 4% of all ads tested) are the equivalent of rocket fuel when it comes to delivering outstanding brand growth.



We know that profitable growth will only come from 3-5 star ideas:

  • 3-Star idea = 1% increase in market share *
  • 4-Star idea = 2% increase in market share *
  • 5-Star idea = 3% increase in market share *

* Requires a minimum Excess Share Of Voice of 10%.
We commit to delivering 3-5 Star ideas. Nothing less.

If we don’t hit the desired Star rating initially, we keep working and developing until we get there. 
This is our commitment to you.


System1 research tested the worlds 50 best Ads of 2016. Check out 5-Star advertising here.

Santa Maria Carousel
System1 Agency has developed a new 4-Star Advertising Campaign to support the launch of Santa Maria Latin American Cook-In Sauces in the UK. Check out the 'Santa Maria Carousel' ad here.