Think of your favourite piece of advertising.
We bet it made you feel something.
That’s why you remember it.

System1 Agency is a new type of advertising agency: we only create Ads that we can prove will generate profitable brand growth.

The way to guarantee growth is to speak to people’s emotions because the more people feel, the more people buy – whatever the category. 

When it comes to advertising development, it’s too important to guess. Our evidence-based approach to creativity means we don’t speculate with anything. We test everything.

Our commitment to finding ways of stirring people’s emotions and our guarantee are at the heart of System1 Agency.

What we do


We Create Emotional Advertising Which Engages Your System1 Brain

If we feel good about something, we think it’s the right choice.

We might like to think that consumers weigh up their options between brands carefully before making a purchase. But the fact is – from cars to deodorants to beer – people choose quickly and intuitively – based on how they feel. The part of our brains that drive this decision making is referred to by behavioural scientists as our System1 brain.

The more people feel: the more people buy.

We Test Everything

We believe in evidence-based creativity. In the first month of advertising development we test a minimum of 3 ideas – quantitatively – for emotional appeal. We never recommend anything that we can’t prove will drive profitable growth by connecting emotionally with your customers.

Assume nothing: test everything.

Profitable Growth Guaranteed

We are the first Agency to guarantee profitable growth.

A bold claim! Hear us out.

Simply put, this means an Ad that will grow your market share by 1% to 3% and will put you in the top 30% of Ads tested (20,000+ ideas tested quantitatively over 15 years).

If we don’t hit this 3-5 Star benchmark first time round, we keep going (at our cost) until we do.

System1 Agency. Guaranteed creativity.

Our gUarantee


System1 Agency is a full service Agency that creates advertising proven to translate emotion into profitable brand growth. An evidence based approach to creativity. We don’t speculate with anything. Because when it comes to advertising, it’s too important to guess.

Be more System1

We can help you create 5-Star, fame-building communications.